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Written by on May 9, 2022

American on the Mend? I’m Optimistic

Recently in the past couple of weeks. Americans woke up to find the their Rights are in danger of being rolled back. Some of these (proposed) rollback – DJ 3xL

  • Proposed Supreme Courts ‘Roe-v-Wade’ Decision (proposed)
  • States pushing the ‘Election 2020 Lie’,
  • Republicans ‘Voter Suppression Laws’
  • Republicans States banning Math Books
  • Republicans ‘War against Transgender Kids’
  • Republicans & States and those running for office ‘Pushing Conspiracy Lies’


Americans have woke ‘Up’ and caught on. I recently spoke to an right leaning independent who leans republican, and this republican leaning individual agrees that politicians have been and continue to push division, So that the middle class and those aspiring to the middle class fight each other daily. But, the Supreme Court’s leaked draft on the precipice of overturning Roe-vs-Wade shocked the AMERICAN conscience, having those aske what could be next.. What they did not calculate was that 70% of Americans from the extreme ‘Far Far Left’ to the ‘Far Far Right’, realize the problems. That Politicians are the problem, and knowing this, be fearful when these extremes merge, and realize those politicians that have been lying to all American’s ? I do not advocate violence, but many politicians (usually on the right) perpetrate it. They brought them on themselves. Beware words have consequences!

Simple thought I’m optimistic, I can smell it, change is in the air! – DJ 3xL

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