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SATURDAY'S (9PM - 12AM) MTV 90'S Collection 90s Hits 90s Hits With your Host' 'with your host who loves to party the most' - DJ 3xL 'on da station of hits' 'on da station of hits' 107POWERFM.NET 107POWERFM.NET #KIL #EDHL #DDHJPT #WPWTFWW (MTV - Cable Television Network, 2022)
On 'Da' Station Of Hits! Powered-by-Perfection 107POWERFM.NET#KIL #WDHL
WHERE 'DA' HITS LIVEThe Secrets Out! | 2Nights Playlist! - DJ 3xL Friday, May 13, 2022, 9:00 PM Upcoming tracks this Hour: 50 Cent - Candy Shop (feat. Olivia)(3:25) Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think(4:08) Public Enemy - Harder than you think (remix)(4:36) Redman / Freestyle (6)(1:23) Funkmaster Flex Das Efx - Dedicated(3:46) 2Pac [...]
American on the Mend? I'm Optimistic Recently in the past couple of weeks. Americans woke up to find the their Rights are in danger of being rolled back. Some of these (proposed) rollback - DJ 3xL Proposed Supreme Courts 'Roe-v-Wade' Decision (proposed) States pushing the 'Election 2020 Lie', Republicans 'Voter Suppression Laws' Republicans States banning [...]
My 6 Layover in Munich 6 hour layover in Munich due to Pop Up strike outside German airport. Arrival time in Munich of just after 7am, we were whisked away by bus to the other side of the airport... Where a 15 minute walk to to our connecting flight gate awaited us. Unannounced nor was [...]
Sources: IMDB, Wkki Did You Know? Paula Abdul is an American singer, dancer, choreographer, actress, and television personality. Read Full Story Choreography Paula Abdul Greatest Asset. She choreographed music videos for several artists such as George Michael, Debbie Gibson, Dolly Parton, Janet Jackson and ZZ Top. (IMDB 2022) Read Full Story - Powered by Perfection [...]
Art Has No Boundaries ABMW X4 M40i a 3.0-liter BMW M Twin Power Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine is enhanced by new 48V mild-hybrid technology, delivering increased efficiency and acceleration. (X4 Power Unleashed, 2022) My Mar 2022 Stay-Cation. When Power meets Passion! Power Meets Performance & Passion ABMW X4 M40i a 3.0-liter BMW M Twin Power [...]
Rotterdam | Belgium Place: Rotterdam Belgium Mar 2022: Myself & my Bro rollin' through the Van Brienenoord Bridge (Dutch: Van Brienenoordbrug)  on the way to the city centrum - 'DJ 3xL' Fact: Looking at the twin bridge from the south, it's hard to tell that one of the twins is 25 years older than the [...]
IRS | Beyond its Years Factoids: Familiarity 'Favors' Discovery @ Scale... Recurrence Builds Audience... Presentation is Everything... Think Nationally, Program Locally Proper Scheduling Provides Edge Fact: US internet radio 20 hours’ listening per user per month. UK averages 12 hours per listener per week. Digital Media News Feb 2015 Fact: “Failure is to cushion the [...]
DREAM MEETS REALITY Luxembourg Mar 2022 | Drive Of A Lifetime ! DJ 3XL Powered-By-Perfection 107POWERFM.NET #KIL # WDHL More To Come!

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