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My 6 Layover in Munich

6 hour layover in Munich due to Pop Up strike outside German airport. Arrival time in Munich of just after 7am, we were whisked away by bus to the other side of the airport… Where a 15 minute walk to to our connecting flight gate awaited us. Unannounced nor was not broadcasted nor communicated to us across the intercom system once we touched down, was a last minute gate change,. The only way I knew that I was in the wrong location was when the plane started boarding for a  destination NOT mine, which made me curious, so I walked up the the nearby departing gate desk where the attending Flight attendant advised me that my gate number had been changed, and the only reason that I did not miss my flight was because it had been delayed. She promptly called over to my new Gate number and advised them that they had a late passenger en-route.

My 6 hour layover in Munich Germany due to Pop Up strike outside airport.

7am arrival time, promptly whisked away by bus...

Once, I arrived at the new gate which was a 8-10 minute run through the airport to a new wing of the airport, we were advised that the plane would start boarding any minute. After 20 minutes of waiting and boarding time passed, we got another update, the boarding time had been pushed back by 45 minutes. 45 minutes later I looked over to the boarding desk and saw the flight attendant frantically on the phone making to to calling who knows? At which time we received another update, the boarding time had been pushed back another 30 or some minutes, so everyone was patient… But after the third time pushback time our patient started wearing thin, at which point I walked over the the flight attendant’s desk frustrated, but politely asked what’s going on?, by this time I had been wearing my mask for approximately 18 hours, (I left my home at 9:00am the previous morning, wearing a mask in my Uber drive & in the airports. etc) –DJ 3xL

Departure time from Munich Intl Airport was just after 2pm local time.



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