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A Recent Timeline

Music Legends: Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston

1). 1982Michael Jackson’s Thriller is released. It sold 66 million copies worldwide. It topped the Billboard album chart for 37 weeks and spawned seven top 10 singles (three reached No. 1). It won eight Grammys, including Album and Record of the Year. And a few of its audacious videos became staples on MTV and helped break the channel’s perceived color barrier.

2). 1984Prince’s Purple Rain is released. It sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. It topped the Billboard album chart for 24 consecutive weeks and spawned five singles (two reached No. 1). It won two Grammys (and was nominated for Album of the Year) and grabbed the Academy Award for Best Original Song Score. And a few of its audacious videos became staples on MTV.

3. 1992Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album, featuring six songs by the film’s co-star, Whitney Houston, and six tracks by other artists (plus the movie’s theme), is a worldwide sensation it has sold 45 million copies. Houston’s bravura cover of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” topped the Billboard Hot 100 for 14 weeks; the collection won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year and is the all-time best-selling soundtrack. (Minnesota Public Radio).

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A Timeline of History-Making Black music, (A Timeline of History-Making Black music, 2021)

Timeline of Events, 2021 (Wikipedia, 2021)

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