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Written by on April 16, 2022

IRS | Beyond its Years


  • Familiarity ‘Favors’ Discovery @ Scale…
  • Recurrence Builds Audience…
  • Presentation is Everything…
  • Think Nationally, Program Locally
  • Proper Scheduling Provides Edge

Fact: US internet radio 20 hours’ listening per user per month. UK averages 12 hours per listener per week. Digital Media News Feb 2015

Fact: “Failure is to cushion the effects of challenging popular content is a missed opportunity.” – Digital Media News 2015

Powered by SPL Creator/Studio Pro Radio Automation software. Affordable yet powerful. “Simply Amazing -DJ 3xL”.

Streamed lived – “Literally No Downtime = Extremely Reliable”. DJ 3xL

“The Station” Your Station


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