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Rotterdam Belgium Mar 2022

Rotterdam Belgium Mar 2022. This is what neXt leVel chillin’ looks like.

You would be in ahh of how many different nationalities and races interact. I believe I saw almost every race and color creed this magnificent planet has to offer. Black, White, Brown, and every shade in between. There were no strange looks when you entered their places of business. As a matter of fact, the only issue I had was stepping on the bike path, had to be reminded multiple times that bicycles, scooters,, and their 2-wheel variants, they have the right of way and are not shy about reminding you, as illustrated by an altercation we witnessed at a traffic light. A motor scooter was cut off by some young visitors in a very expensive car, the 2-wheel scooterist. Pulled up next to the car at the traffic light and laid into the driver right in front of our vehicle with a strong reminder that automobiles have to yield the right of way.

We as Americans could learn a thing or two from the rotterdamians. It almost seemed like I was in an alternative universe; from the teenager to the senior citizen, everyone were unassuming and consumed with their own life priorities.

You had to be there to appreciate it… It definitely sparked ideas for my business, hence the reason for the visit.

If you have never experienced the sights, sounds, and food of Rotterdam, I definitely suggest that you put it on your bucket list. You will not be disappointed – DJ 3xL.

My brother-in-law definitely called this one correct. I myself, & 107PowerFM.Net, was served enormously by this timely business trip visit. I look forward to my next visit to Amsterdam in this beautiful country. More pics to follow -DJ 3xL



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