Happy 30th Anniversary!

Written by on April 10, 2021

Is Not Enough

30 Years Is Not Enough To Tell Our Story’

To ‘My Wife’ & our extended family. I cannot tell you in words how much I love you & appreciate you. You always surprise me by introducing me to someone new in your family. A family that seems to grow with each and every passing day.


To my left is my mother-in-law. to my wife's right is her father. I did not ask their permission, so I did not include them here. For their privacy.


Years With My Wife!

‘My wife’ the one who always sees the brighter side of things. The one who hates negativity, doesn’t even want you to think of it, less known speak about it. ‘My wife’ the one who always stops what she is doing and/or finds the time to help everyone she cares deeply about, and even those that happens into her life. ‘My Wife’. True story, we nearly caused a traffic pile up in order to pull over to give someone in need, money (like wtf). True Story ‘My wife’ while getting food from KFC in Compton California in the 2000’s, had me run down a homeless person sleeping in a cardboard box behind a building some money. She’d rather than buy food herself, give money to those in need, again wtf. I can go on and on. Again at a Dollar Store in Hawthorne California, ‘My Wife’ had us wait outside the store in order to give a homeless Veteran some money. Again and again helping those in need, not caring about her own safety… or mine, for that matter (lol). I’ve literally seen her give here jewelry right off her own hand to a family member/friend; simply because that person like it. She even does it without my knowledge. She did it simply because in her heart she felt it was here duty. That she needed to do it.  And it is not a one off. She does it time & time again from her heart! That’s rare! To care about others before your own self. But before you go there… Don’t. She is extremely quick witted, smart & no nonsense. But that’s how she was raised! Business oriented. nough said.


Years Married

My life is the tale of the improbable. My life is a tale of two different cultures. ‘The Have & you already know who the ‘Have Not’ is!

30 plus years ago, ‘My Wife” made a choice, a lifechanging choice, she chose to marry a Black (American) man. To me it was like what’s the big deal? But it turns out to be an extremely big deal! It took her from a small country of less than 600k population  to a country of well over 380 million people. Neither she nor myself knew at the time how big a change/challenge that was going to be. Naïve. Now that I think back on it, marrying me, moving from a small well established, safe, prosperous country, to one that Lets say is still very much divided more so today. She never really spoke about it, but she must have really struggled, and that it is something that I must carry until my last days. Ultimately, something I must answer for on the day of my judgement… nough said.


Celebrating Marriage

Today I am celebrating 30 years of marriage. 30 years to the one that has stood by me through ‘Thick & Thin’, and believes in me, through some very tough times, when others did not. Even though we have lasted this long, there will not be a day that goes by that I will not be able to ‘Thank Her and say ‘Thank You’ enough. The Love Of My Life, who had given me a much more than a marriage, but a much larger family than I could ever imagine. ‘My Wife’, her family & extended family has taken me in as if I were biologically one of  their own. From her loving parents who never miss an opportunity to simply utter the words ‘Say Hello’ to (Me)?  Too her three remaining brothers, aunts, uncles, her nieces & nephews, cousins and those whom I’ve forgotten along the journey always ask about, care about, my well being.

Even on the holidays, they reach out and say to her or, simply ask the question? How are you doing? Given me much more than Gifts Galore, they constantly ask the question what do your husband ‘think about this, or ‘do you believe that your husband will like this or that’? I have been very fortunate to communicate with them across the world and in various different languages. nough said.


Brutal Honesty

Those of you that know ‘My Wife’, know that she is brutality honest. That she will speaks the truth, even though it may hurt some (ouch. I’ve been on the receiving end of those too). But ultimately, those that know “My Wife’ also know that she will literally give you her clothes of her back. And she was there at your time of need, and had your back, while keeping it confidential (even from me). That’s just the kind of person that she is and always been.

I Literally Owe My Life To The Love Of My Life

My Wife’


Happy 30th Anniversary!


Love You Always! Your Husband!



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