Death Of George Floyd – (WIC)

Written by on May 27, 2020

Another Black Man Death

(While In Custody)

-No Excuse-

The George Floyd Was Already Handcuffed



  • @icecube The F.B.I. knows exactly who the racist are in each police department and still let them keep there jobs until something like this happens. Stop sitting on critical information. Weed them out and get them out…NOW!
  • @MrChuckD (retweet from @icecube) A wolf in wolves clothing. The demons are among us. #Fightthecowards
    @MrChuckD …and when if these dudes get fired it’s time to watch them closer than ever because they get recruited right into national racist terrorist Organizations . Welcomed armed in fact. At the least they just slide into another county city or state silently under the radar.

Chuck # D.

  • Billboard: Beyonce Pays Tribute to George Floyd: ‘Rest in Power’
    5/27/2020 by Rania AniftosBeyoncĂ© has joined the growing list of celebrities speaking out against the horrifying death of a Black man at the hands of a police officer.”

(Billboard, 2020)

  • @LGaloreeeee (Replying to) @icecube They been among us. They are our doctors , nurses, EMT, fire fighters, judges they asses bee amongst us for a while and I always hated em cause I knew what they were from the beginning

another senseless death… DJ 3xl


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