80’s “The System” on 107pfm.net

You Are In My System

on the station playin’

Old School

Funk & Soul


Upcoming Artist/Tracks this hour include:

  • The Whispers – It’s A Love Thang
  • Ready For  The World – Oh Shelia
  • Aurra – Are You Single?
  • Jesse Johnson – Slide
  • Bill Summers & Summers Heat – We Call It The Box
  • The Time – Jungle Love
  • Newcleus – Jam On It
  • The Art Of Noise – Beat Box
  • René & Angela – I’ll Be Good



 107PowerFM.Net is powered by Station Playlist Creator/ Studio Pro Radio Automation Software. Affordable Yet PowerFul – “Simply Amazing – DJ 3xL”




107PowerFM.Net is streamed by Shoutcheap/Shoutcast Streaming Service. “100% Reliable- DJ 3xL”

Keep It Locked !!!

DJ 3xL



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