Superstardom, The Definition

Written by on April 1, 2018



Happy Easter 

from 107PowerFM.Net

The G State Warriors may be on to somethin’?

True to form!


A true champion should share their excitement with others equally full of well intentioned excitement, innocences, non biased passion (i.e children)… they deserve it more than a photo op. Secondly, these stars can inspire a new generation of leaders that can inspire to be better than Mike, Lebron, Kevin D., Stef C, J Harden, K, Irwin, CP3 & many, many others… too many to name.


Finally setting aside their ego’s, stardom, biasness and self interest, in that moment mentor others… in my humble opinion they would have achieved

“True Greatness”!!!

“The search for greatest starts from within – DJ 3xL”

DJ 3xL

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