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Written by on April 11, 2017

Today was a special day for, me and my wife.  It was our 26th Wedding Anniversary! Congratulations to us. I’m not here to honk my own horn. This is just “Fact”. This was a typical day in the Life of an “average american citizen”. It started with a typical question: Where would you like to have your anniversary dinner? In most cases it’s always debatable. In the end we decided to go with our usual spot.  Once onsite @ our destination, we ran into a friend. She approached my wife and identified herself.  Nough said… My, wife is a very private person, not akin to hyperbole.
17861794_10208256870928818_3861190589725704936_nAs we received our reservation confirmation, my wife exchanged conversation, as alway’s was very polite, respectfully concluded in an european manner with the utmost decorum.

We preceded, to our dinner reservation. When sitted @Catch 31, in VB. The weather started to cool, our waitress approached us and advised that the recent order I placed,  was no longer available. No, biggy, I ordered a substitute meal,  to replace the original… Nough said… Our meal arrived we dispatched our meals, dessert was placed, arrived, was handled, 17855438_10208257963636135_6044427867890169388_o (1)
which was nicety & thoroughly, impressed the two of us. We continued enjoying each others company, finished our dessert, departed & took this pic.  17799914_10208259223387628_2442078194650206963_n1
Whilst waiting on our valet to come through we realized that this was a very busy and stressful day. Our day was filled with what we characterized as “jumping from “task to task”. Thinking back, we started the previous day with resolving what we thought what was going to be distraction causing events before our “BIG” day. We endured and completed all these tasks. Fast forward! Upon departure & during our ride home, my wife looked over to me and stated that “This does not even feel like our “Anniversary”… This sent me into a deep, deep mind set!  Do average americans feel the same way? Is there not enough time in the day to accomplish those random inconsequential tasks? Or to put it another way… Does time seem to fly by.  In this case the answer is simply “Yes”!17807470_10208256186631711_8609457331429828775_o
April 10, 2017 was our 26th Wedding Anniversary…”Time surely flies”.

DJ 3xL

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