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Sir Mix-A-Lot feat. Metal Church

Anthony Ray better known by his stage name Sir Mix-a-Lot, is an American rapper and producer based in Seattle, Washington.SirMixaLotDec06

In 1983, Sir Mix-A-Lot and his partner, Nasty Nes, founded the Nastymix record label. Mix-a-Lot’s first hit, released in 1987, was the single “Posse on Broadway,” whose title referred to Broadway in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district.

In 1991, Sir Mix-A-Lot signed to the Def American label, which also bought the rights to his first two albums, and released his third album Mack Daddy in 1992. The single “Baby Got Back” was a number-one hit that went double platinum and won the 1993 Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance.


Although the song was extremely popular across all age levels, MTV aired the music video for the song only during evening hours because of what they termed “its sexual nature”.




Sir Mix-a-Lot. (2017, February 20)

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