Exclusive: Greg Mack Breaks Down “The History of 1580 KDAY”

Written by on March 5, 2017

Los Angeles Saturday Night Hip Hop Station in the 1980s:  You name it, they played it! Just say 1580 KDAY to someone from Los Angeles in the 80”s, and watch them smile. Awesome timeframe in LA!!!


This molded my passion for everything Old School Hip Hop, including groups like: The Suger Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, RUN DMC, Fatboys, & most importantly Uncle Jams Army (included Dr. Dre, Egyptian Lover, The Unknown DJ ) and many many more…”  DJ 3xL

uncle-jamms-army-1982-egyptian-lover (1).jpgNo story about KDAY can be complete without going back to the beginning of where it all started and to do that you have to talk to the man responsible for putting together the format that would alter radio to this very day – Mr. Greg Mack.

0-11In the early to mid-80’s on an AM radio dial known as 1580 in Los Angeles, at a time when the music industry regarded Rap music as a passing fad, Greg Mack took a major step for street born genre by creating radio’s first Hip-Hop format. Read Here:

LA’s legendary Kid Frost says, simply, “KDAY was bigger than life.”




Brian Coleman

DJ 3xL

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