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Written by on December 3, 2016

Americas Longtime ally Morrocco paved the way for this 1981 Club Hit. It uses part of a traditional Moroccan children’s song and game, “A Ram Sam Sam”, made popular by the 1971 Rolf Harris recording. In the United States, the song topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart along with “Genius of Love.”

Wordy Rappinghood” is a song by American new wave band Tom Tom Club. The song was the lead single from the band’s debut studio album, Tom Tom Club.

The song opens with the sound of a typewriter and features jarring synthesizer chords and a distinctive drum break. The words of the fifth verse are spoken in French: “Mots pressés, mots sensés, mots qui disent la vérité, mots maudits, mots mentis, mots qui manquent le fruit d’esprit” which translate as: “hurried words, sensible words, words that tell the truth, cursed words, lying words, words that are missing the fruit of the mind.”


capaTina Weymouth and Chris Frantz of Tom Tom Club had bought a house in Nassau, Bahamas, next door to Chris Blackwell, owner of Island Records, and it was Blackwell who arranged the recording in his Compass Point Studios. Frantz and Weymouth brought in Steven Stanley, a 21-year-old keyboard player who had been the sound engineer on Ian Dury’s album Lord Upminster, and bass player, Monte Browne, a former member of T-Connection.

Wordy Rappinghood. (2016, November 21)

“Fun in the California Sun” Boom Box Style. Simply the Best !!!

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