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Written by on October 16, 2016

Streamed Live 24/7 Monday through early Sunday mornings the Station that plays only Gold and Platinum Hits… So, what cha, what cha,. what cha want. 107PowerFM.Net. Created by DJ 3xL on 107pfm.net In Luxembourg City, Luxembourg Europe, back in 1994 which was tailor made for the very mature to early adulthood (21 & up). 107pfm.net has music genres for all to enjoy. Please check it out for yourself! Scroll through our list of previous posts to get a taste of our musical selection, along with and the latest in entertainment information circulating the Internet today. 107PowerFM.Net was created in 1994 with music incoropated from the 1980’s, 1990’s, & early 2000’s for artists/enthusiasts mainly from the West Coast along with todays Global Hot New Artists in mind.

107pfm.net consists of Old School R& B, R&B Hits classic from artists such as Stephanie Mills, Arethia Franklin & Gladys Knight to Pop sensations such as Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and even New School Artists:  Demi Lovato & Nathan Sykes. 107PowerFM.Net has classic Funk Meisers such as Cameo, Lakeside The Gap Band & even music from the OG funkster himself “Johnny Guitar Watson”. Our musical repertoire covers  early 80’s Soft Rocker’s  Roxette, Hall & Oates, Foreigner to Phil Collins/ Genesis. 80’s Electro Funk artists such as Egyptian Lover, Afrika Bambaataa, The Jonzun Crew to “The Art Of Noise”. Not to mention Soul Sonic Force, Full Force & Shannon just to name a few… 107PowerFM.Net serves up Light Jazz Artists such as Kenny G., FourPlay, to West Coast Japanese Jazz sensation “Hiroshima”. So, if you are an 80’s baby then we probably have something for you.

So, if you are feeling a bit nostalgic, let us scratch that music itch for you. If you have a request that you would like to here or just want to chat. Drop us an email @ 3xl@3xlproductions.net or visit 107PowerFM.Net click on the hyperlink “3xL_Productions” and send us a comment. 

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