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Written by on September 5, 2016

“He’s the Greatest Dancer” is a song written by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, and recorded by Sister Sledge for their successful album We Are Family (1979).

“He’s the Greatest Dancer” was sampled by Will Smith in his 1997 number one hit single “Gettin’ Jiggy wit It”. In 2000, DJ Tony Touch recorded a version of the song, entitled “I Wonder Why? (He’s the Greatest DJ)” with lyrics sung by Keisha Spivey and Pam Long of R&B girl group Total.

The song was recorded and released by Dannii Minogue in 2007 and was an international Top 40 hit. The tune was also sampled by a Russian pop group Hi-Fi in their 1999 song “Pro Leto” (translated as “About Summer”). maxresdefault (3)

Robert Hood released a Techno track based on the Hook of this song on his label M-Plant. Nick Holder sampled the song on his 1997 album One Night in the Disco.

He’s the Greatest Dancer. (2016, June 2).

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