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Bootlegs & B-sides is the sixth studio album collection of b-sides and remixes compiled from various Ice Cube 12″s, originally recorded between 1992-1994. It includes the remix of the hit single “Check Yo Self“, originally on The Predator album, and its b-side “24 Wit’ An L”. Production-wise, much of the album is very similar to the Lethal Injection album.


The compilation contains Cube’s usual barrage of fiery social commentary, such as on the track “My Skin Is My Sin” where he raps:

See you devils are all the same
You’ll gun down a congregation in Jesus‘ name
Using me as a scapegoat, well cracker don’t sleep
Far from a goat, more like a black sheep
Lamb of God, and its odd
That Allah is a man that don’t need a tan

The oddly titled “D’Voidofpopniggafiedmegamix” (a title which is a reference to a character, Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk in a Parliament comic which appeared in their Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome album) is a mix of several tracks taken from Ice Cube’s first four albums. The title could be considered a reference to D’voidoffunk from the P-Funk mythology.

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