Month: April 2019

‘The Ghetto’ where da hits live- 107PowerFM.Net Keep it locked! DJ 3xL

‘One More Chance” On his debut album… Keep it locked to da station of hits- 107PowerFM.Net DJ 3xL

’60 mins of Funk Volume III’ Old School mix ‘Good Times’ On da station where da hits live 107POWERFM.NET Keep it locked!!! DJ 3xL

79′ Sunplaza Show (2001) Old School contributing artist this 1hr. include: Shabba Ranks Bob Marley Queen Latifah Shaggy David Bowie & Tina Turner Zhane on da station of the hits- Keep it locked!!! DJ 3xL

Where da hits live!! Keep it locked!!! DJ 3xL

Age Of Thrones Pic provided by Google Which house will survive & take da THRONE?  

Eaze ‘n2’ Sunday Evening with the sounds of ‘Tranquility’ on da station of the hits – 107PowerFM.Net  Keep it locked!!!

Aretha Franklin Aretha Louise Franklin (March 25, 1942 – August 16, 2018) (A Tribute Sundays 4-5pm) Playin’ all of her greatest hits: on da station of the hits- 107PowerFM.Net DJ 3xL  

Party until ? Where Hip Hop  lives. 90s Hip – Hop dat is… Upcoming artist this hour include: Eternal E.  – Easy Street Eric B. & Rakim – Move The Crowd DMX – Shorty Was Da Bomb Sir Mix-A-Lot – Hip Hop Soldier & 3xL Mega Mix ‘The Message – Next-Episode’ Shoutros from: Dr. Dre. […]

SATURDAY NIGHT JAM The Place Where Legends lives 107PowerFM.Net is powered by Stationplaylist Creator/Studio Pro Radio Automation software. Affordable yet powerful. “Simply Amazing -DJ 3xL”. Stationplaylist Creator/Studio Streamed lived via Shoutcheap/Shoutcast Keep it locked!!!  

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